The Vale, formally known as the Corrana vale (though the residents are unlikely to use the name), is nestled in a remote area of The World Range, a continent spanning mountain range that appears like an enormous tidal wave bearing down on the world. Surrounded completely on the north, east and west by mountains, and partially in the south, The Vale is secluded from the outside world, but still gets a fair amount of traffic because of the Dwarves in the north and the nomadic Smallfolk that originate in the northwest corner around Bydale.

The Vale is about 200 miles from north to south at its longest, and about 75 miles from east to west at its widest. The Ahl’Gorran river flows underneath the Dwarven hold of R’Ahn’Gorran, and falls 500 feet to an enormous freshwater lake on the valley floor before flowing south, and connecting with two smaller rivers, and branching out on a third to a lake, before passing the farming town of Haven, and flowing out of The Vale through the dense forest to the south populated by elves, shifters, various Smallfolk, and many other strange and wild things.

History of The Corrana Vale

The Corrana Vale has been puttering along since The Shifting with little contact with the outside world, and not much care about it. The people were isolated for the most part, and didn’t even make contact with the first non-humans untill 300 years after The Shifting, or the first Dwarves, Elves or Gnomes until more than 600 years post Shifting…which was only about 1000 years ago. The winter solstice will mark it.

About 100 years ago the goblinoid tribes came pouring over the eastern mountains and into The Vale to ravage the land. The Stonefolk, Smallfolk, and some of the Woodfolk joined with the humans to fight back against the horde. Legends were made during that century long war. The great grandfather 3 times removed from Barrend was the man who slayed a terrible dragon by planting his two daggers into the eyes of the vile red beast. It’s head now hangs from the rafters in the Tavern, daggers still taking up the eye sockets on the taxidermied head, and gives the family business its name, The Dragon’s Head.

Since the defeat of the Goblinoid army due in large part to the hero Loki III, Priest of Dawn, and his dozen companions that rallied the allied forces of The Vale, and crushed the goblins up against the mountains they came out of and driving the pathetic remnants back where they came from.

50 years have passed since the end of the war, The Vale has been peaceful, and trade has been prosperous. The summer solstice is soon to be upon us, and with it, coincidentally, the 16th birthday of Gabriella, and so huge celebrations shall be had. Come to The Vale and enjoy the early summer festivities. The solstice celebrations typically last a week or more, but are traditionally only three day festivals. The influence from the Smallfolk over the past few centuries has livened up everyone’s spirits, and freed their feet. Enjoy ale, mead, and even some Elven wine to go along with exceptional food, sports & games, and lots of dancing.


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