A small town on the west bank of the Ahl’Gorran river, better known as just ‘The River’, in the southern part of The Vale. There is a small island in the river adjacent to the town with an ancient, rundown church at its center. A small wooden bridge connects Haven to the island, but it, like the church, have not been used in over a century. Though it appears to be a quite farming community Haven has seen quite a bit of action over the years.

There are a few notable locations within town

The Dragon’s Head inn, tavern and brewery gains its name from the taxidermied head of a huge black dragon hanging from the ceiling of the tavern with two daggers jammed into its eyes. There is not better place in the vale to gather information due to the traffic from the Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings in the north, and the Elves to the south.

The Temple of the Rising Sun is located in the southeastern part of The Plaza along the river in sight of the Ancient Cathedral on the island. This is the residence of Jo’n who is the acting priest in the town, but has an assistant that holds service when he is away, or incapacitated.

The four story Guard Tower is not too far to the west of the chapel and headquarters of the town militia. Captain Ivan Planet leads the militia and makes his residence on the third floor of the tower. A ballista caps the tower, but hasn’t been in use since the goblin war a half century earlier.


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